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Making the Film

Day 1! Saturday As usual its a 6am start for me on saturday. When  I got to Belfast me and dad took forever to find the Cinemagic offices! Once I got to the office, some of the crew was there and the rest of  them met Patrick. Once 9:30am came we had a production meeting until round about 10 then our actors came Lia and Tiffany, both the girls are very nice and match the characters perfectly! Once they arrive they joined us in our production meeting and we went through the script! At 10:30am went to film our first scene which was at the shop across the road. We had one problem we didn’t have a bottle of drink for the girls to steal. So we had to go and buy a bottle of VODKA AND EMPTIED IT DOWN THE DRAIN AND FILLED IT WITH WATER. This scene was very fun interesting to film because it was on a very public street but we got there in the end. I’m not going to lie the shoulder mount we were using actually kills the arms! When I was filming each scene i had Patrick over my back doing the focus nd supporting me while I was using the camera. In the shop scene when the girls are running away we filmed some of it in slow monition and it came out really well! When we were making this film we didn’t make it in order. So we headed over to Botanical Gardens to film the next scene. In this scene the girls went to this park to steal a football. I loved filming this part because they were walking down this covered walk way and the we filmed it looks amazing because of the movements and angels we used.  This scene took a while to film mainly because of the very complex movements involved. The shot In this scene was the girls stealing the football from to do boys and run of with it. I found this shot rather funny and it didn’t take that long to film it. The final part in this scene is when the girls start to play dares in this band stand that we found in the Botanical Gardens. This part of the scene turned out very will because of light we had in the background  and the sun was going down and made the video look very good. This part of film took a long time to film of the different angels that we included in it. The reason there is some many angels is because of the dialogue involved. My favourite part in that scene is the dares they played i found it really funny and can’t wait to see how it turns out in the final edit. On Day two of the film we filmed scene two first which was the tunnel and i really enjoyed filming this because of the different angles which were involved and i was thinking to myself this is going to be hard to edit together. It was coming to the end of the day and we had to film our last scene, we need dusk sort of light so we can edit it to make it look like night time. when we filmed this scene it was raining very badly and we need a lot of umbrella’s to keep all the equipment dry and in working order. In this scene, it contained a car crash bit and it was really hard to film because we had to take health and safety into mind, so nothing could go wrong! The amount of different angles we took for this scene was crazy and it was very hard to edit it together then! Once we filmed the editing we got the footage and sound of all the devices on to my laptop so i could start editing as soon as i got home! Next time i am working on a film i want an assiant editor which will help me sync up the audio because that was a long and painful process, but once i got that done putting the actual moving image together was   pretty easy because i’m used to editing. The editing  process for this film took about 3 weeks to complete, but once i got it done i sent it off to cinemagic which meant they could look at it and submit it to the BBC for our show case!

Happy New year everyone!

Big happy new year to everyone who helped make all my videos and projects happen I’m 2013 this includes riders,drivers and mostly importantly the people who make the events happen! Here to a better 2014. So enjoy this video

this video goes live at midnight

Week 4 The last week!

Our last week has came!  Yet again we arrived at BBC Blackstaff Studios. As usual we got into our film making groups and Micheal taught us about Blocking the “Scene along with Directing Techniques” which was all very interesting and learned a lot and hopefully we will use when we are making our films in a few weeks time.

At around 11am we had an Q&A with the actress Suranne Jones and she told us a bit about how she got into to acting which was very interesting. Then she told us about  actors and actresses and how they do  there work along with how we should treat them when we are making our films and  I think we should use all that advice in our film when we are making it

photo 2

Then we went for lunch and we went to Burger King as normal because its never busy.

When we got back to class we got into our groups and then we had to act out one of the scenes from our films in front of the class and they gave us some feed back which was very helpful!

Once we got all the feed back. The best groups scene was chosen and it was acted out and we learned how to film it along with editing it in final cut. I learn a lot in that session because i am the camera man in our film! and hopefully will be able to apply that information in our production.

Just before we go home Shauna and Michael went through and helped us with finalising our scripts along with problems that could happen when we our filming, for example when we film our  we want to film around dusk because its sort of getting dark around 3pm and 5pm. So we had to sort out how we going to film all this.

Everything is now all sorted and our dates are set for the weekend starting the 20th december and ending on the 21st and those dates are coming very soon! and we can’t wait! we are now sorting our actresses out for the film and once we get that done we are all good for filming!

Its a shame its are last week of Film Academy classes met some really nice people who i am going to miss badly we split up for good!Our films will be screen on the 1st of February 2014! and i can’t wait to see everyones film!!

Even when the film Academy is over i will still use this blog to post about other film work that i have been doing!

Lumiere Festival Derry-Londonderry!

On Sunday the 1st of December we went to Derry-Londonderry which is just up the road from me, to see Lumiere Festivel. We parked up in an old army base and we walked over to St. Columb’s Park were the Fire Garden was and it was bloody amazing seeing all this fire and thinking how on earth is this safe! but it was amazing!

some of the stuff there was amazing and really strange looking but it was good opportunity to bring my cameras which i did! and it probably the best idea I’ve done in a long time! The photos and videos that i got were unreal.


This one of my favourite photos it is a close up of flame and didn’t expect it to come out as well as this!!

The shots i got on my video camera were pretty good but i found it hard to get the camera focused in the dark! but some of the shots came out really good so i decided to put a video together for youtube.

As i went round the park i took lots of photos of the different items on fire which are in the gallery below

As you can see i choose the best photos from that night! I got bored of being in that park! so wee crossed the peace bridge and went into the city and took some video of the videos that was projected on the buildings and it was amazing how they actually did it! hate to see the electric bill after those few days!!

To cut things short here is a video that i made of the festival

On Monday I sent to my teacher from the Film Academy and she loved it! I’ve never got a reaction on one my videos like that ever. Got something coming up this monday but i’m not going to say you are going to wait until then!

Week 3!

An other brilliant week at the BFI film academy mainly because we got our script partly done.

To start the day of I handed the script to the group because I printed it of and put a cover page on it. When I printed the script of I took a wee read at it! it was really good and well done and now I can’t wait to start filming it later this month!

After a bit once we got settled into the class the famous writer which is called  Ryan Rowe and he wrote the Charlie’s Angels  films! He was there to give us feed back on each of our scripts and he really liked all of our scripts he said he was really ” tickled” with them, which is a good thing I would I guess! After we took his advice and we are going to apply it to our scripts to help make them better!we went for lunch and we ran into the flag protest in the city centre and there wasn’t very many people there but I think we missed half it!

photo 2-20131130-201009
Back Row: Alex and Lee
Front Row: Jonny, Ryan Rowe(the writer), Georgia, Rachel and Ruth


When we got back from lunch we got settled in to class again and a man from the BFI came in to give us presentation about the BFI Film Academy residential, which looks amazing and I really want to go to it! only 66 people in the whole of the UK and get on to it and I want to make sure I’m one of them!!

After that talk we had the production manager  from Skyfall,Terry Bamber into give his opinion on our scripts! he gave us good feed back about health and safety which is very important in our film and told us if certain aspects can be filmed! This man is probably one of the funniest man I’ve met who works in the industry. Would love to get some form of work experience with him!

photo 2-20131130-200756
From left: Alex, Georgia, Terry Bamber( production manager of Skyfall),Jonny, Rachel and Alex

That day absolutely brilliant and can’t believe we have one more week unit we break for Christmas and then there is only one more week after Christmas until the whole thing is over!! 😦

We start the filming our film on the weekend starting the 20th December and I will be putting posts up during our filming!

Film Production Master Class with Gareth Ellis-Unwin & Jessica Malik

Yet again another early start at 6am, as we needed to beat the traffic on the way to Belfast!

When I got to Belfast we parked up at the bus station, which is beside the Europa Hotel! I went in and got registered  and met the people from my group.  We went into the hall and waited until others arrived. When everyone arrived  Shauna started the day off.

The first event that was on was “Meet the Professionals”, which I was not expecting to go! This was worth staying for. UTV‘s Marc Mallett asked the questions to the Professional’s, these professionals were

Bronagh Waugh, Gerard McCarthy,

Niamh McGrady and Ben Peel

All Rights Reserved to Cinemagic
All Rights Reserved to Cinemagic
All Rights Reserved to Cinemagic
All Rights Reserved to Cinemagic
All Rights Reserved to Cinemagic
All Rights Reserved to Cinemagic
All Rights Reserved to Jonny Collins
All Rights Reserved to Jonny Collins

and they were from BBC 2‘s The Fall which was filmed in Northern Ireland. Over all this event was very good and I found out a lot about acting that made it more interesting!

After that session Shauna ask me, Lee and Rachel to get a photograph with Gareth Ellis-Unwin which I hope gets put in the paper! . Then  we went up stairs to the business centre in the Europa which was a pretty cool place. We spent the day in there talking about the different roles of being film producer which was really interesting! and i would love to do this job because you have a lot of power when it comes to making the film.

All Rights Reserved to Cinemagic
All Rights Reserved to Cinemagic

At 3pm we went back down to the main hall to have a Q&A with the producer Iain Smith. Two members from my group lead the questions and they did very well and didn’t look nervous at all! The questions they asked were very interesting! Iain seems to be very nice and i got a photo with him! After that i went home to get ready for the Cinemagic Awards at Belfast City Hall which i was looking forward to!

All Rights Reserved to Jonny Collins
All Rights Reserved to Jonny Collins