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Week 4 The last week!

Our last week has came!  Yet again we arrived at BBC Blackstaff Studios. As usual we got into our film making groups and Micheal taught us about Blocking the “Scene along with Directing Techniques” which was all very interesting and learned a lot and hopefully we will use when we are making our films in a few weeks time.

At around 11am we had an Q&A with the actress Suranne Jones and she told us a bit about how she got into to acting which was very interesting. Then she told us about  actors and actresses and how they do  there work along with how we should treat them when we are making our films and  I think we should use all that advice in our film when we are making it

photo 2

Then we went for lunch and we went to Burger King as normal because its never busy.

When we got back to class we got into our groups and then we had to act out one of the scenes from our films in front of the class and they gave us some feed back which was very helpful!

Once we got all the feed back. The best groups scene was chosen and it was acted out and we learned how to film it along with editing it in final cut. I learn a lot in that session because i am the camera man in our film! and hopefully will be able to apply that information in our production.

Just before we go home Shauna and Michael went through and helped us with finalising our scripts along with problems that could happen when we our filming, for example when we film our  we want to film around dusk because its sort of getting dark around 3pm and 5pm. So we had to sort out how we going to film all this.

Everything is now all sorted and our dates are set for the weekend starting the 20th december and ending on the 21st and those dates are coming very soon! and we can’t wait! we are now sorting our actresses out for the film and once we get that done we are all good for filming!

Its a shame its are last week of Film Academy classes met some really nice people who i am going to miss badly we split up for good!Our films will be screen on the 1st of February 2014! and i can’t wait to see everyones film!!

Even when the film Academy is over i will still use this blog to post about other film work that i have been doing!