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Cinemagic Awards Night!

After the Master Class that i had i went my back to my hotel to get ready for 630 which was the time the awards started at. We left the hotel at 615 and headed over to City Hall.

All Rights Reserved to Jonny Collins
All Rights Reserved to Jonny Collins

At the entrance i met some of the members from the Film Academy and these people are Lori,Siona, Tory and we walked in together and as we walked in there was a camera waiting for us, they told us to make funny faces which we found a bit awkward!  When we got in we had to register.


We found shaun and she made us do a small photo shoot and the photos were going into a magazine called “In! magazine” which I’ve never heard off and now i want a copy of it to see my photo in it!

We stood about for a while until it was time to go into the main hall were the awards was going to be held! the set they had was amazing.  Over all the entertainment was brilliant and the amount of talent there is in this small country is unreal! the amount of awards that was given out reminds me of the BAFTA‘s


The night was well worth dressing up for! The work that Cinemagic does for young people is amazing and i would love to do some voluntary work for them!