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Week 3!

An other brilliant week at the BFI film academy mainly because we got our script partly done.

To start the day of I handed the script to the group because I printed it of and put a cover page on it. When I printed the script of I took a wee read at it! it was really good and well done and now I can’t wait to start filming it later this month!

After a bit once we got settled into the class the famous writer which is called  Ryan Rowe and he wrote the Charlie’s Angels  films! He was there to give us feed back on each of our scripts and he really liked all of our scripts he said he was really ” tickled” with them, which is a good thing I would I guess! After we took his advice and we are going to apply it to our scripts to help make them better!we went for lunch and we ran into the flag protest in the city centre and there wasn’t very many people there but I think we missed half it!

photo 2-20131130-201009
Back Row: Alex and Lee
Front Row: Jonny, Ryan Rowe(the writer), Georgia, Rachel and Ruth


When we got back from lunch we got settled in to class again and a man from the BFI came in to give us presentation about the BFI Film Academy residential, which looks amazing and I really want to go to it! only 66 people in the whole of the UK and get on to it and I want to make sure I’m one of them!!

After that talk we had the production manager  from Skyfall,Terry Bamber into give his opinion on our scripts! he gave us good feed back about health and safety which is very important in our film and told us if certain aspects can be filmed! This man is probably one of the funniest man I’ve met who works in the industry. Would love to get some form of work experience with him!

photo 2-20131130-200756
From left: Alex, Georgia, Terry Bamber( production manager of Skyfall),Jonny, Rachel and Alex

That day absolutely brilliant and can’t believe we have one more week unit we break for Christmas and then there is only one more week after Christmas until the whole thing is over!! 😦

We start the filming our film on the weekend starting the 20th December and I will be putting posts up during our filming!