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Lumiere Festival Derry-Londonderry!

On Sunday the 1st of December we went to Derry-Londonderry which is just up the road from me, to see Lumiere Festivel. We parked up in an old army base and we walked over to St. Columb’s Park were the Fire Garden was and it was bloody amazing seeing all this fire and thinking how on earth is this safe! but it was amazing!

some of the stuff there was amazing and really strange looking but it was good opportunity to bring my cameras which i did! and it probably the best idea I’ve done in a long time! The photos and videos that i got were unreal.


This one of my favourite photos it is a close up of flame and didn’t expect it to come out as well as this!!

The shots i got on my video camera were pretty good but i found it hard to get the camera focused in the dark! but some of the shots came out really good so i decided to put a video together for youtube.

As i went round the park i took lots of photos of the different items on fire which are in the gallery below

As you can see i choose the best photos from that night! I got bored of being in that park! so wee crossed the peace bridge and went into the city and took some video of the videos that was projected on the buildings and it was amazing how they actually did it! hate to see the electric bill after those few days!!

To cut things short here is a video that i made of the festival

On Monday I sent to my teacher from the Film Academy and she loved it! I’ve never got a reaction on one my videos like that ever. Got something coming up this monday but i’m not going to say you are going to wait until then!